This is by far my favorite project because it is so packed with information given in a way where children will dance, role play, as well as try out the keepers outfit and smoker (because we love hands on learning). Bee’s are so fascinating with the societal order and the chemical communications that this little honey factory runs on. There is so much to do and the children will be learning while BEEing entertained the whole time we are there. The teachers will also walk away having learned something. We have a demonstration hive from the bee keeper, a slice of live bees from the hive here at the farm (in a glass display so the bee activity can be seen), flowers and bee antennae for role play learning, and to top it all off (we have to stimulate the tasting sense too), there is a tasting of the honey before we go.
Roshashana, Life Cycles, Food Processing, Simple Machines.


Project Requirements

  1. Indoor or outdoor
  2. Room for equipment and a table to set some equipment on.
  3. Volunteer staff, children, or elderly to try on outfits and learn the Bee dance.
  4. Volunteer to help with the activities to keep things moving.

Instructional Documents

  1. Not Available

Activity Documents

  1. Not Available


This is a fun interactive program great for summer fun indoor/outdoor activities for all ages!  Special pricing for the spring and fall seasons.

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