Chick and Duck Hatching

Most Popular, and Easiest to do projects!


We bring 12 incubated eggs, an incubator and a brooder box to your school. The chicks/ducks will hatch out the Monday following the delivery and we will pick up the project the Friday (THURSDAY IN NY) after they hatch. We guarantee at a successful hatch, if you don't we will come out and do it again.

During the Chick Hatching delivery, if the children are available, we will do a short introduction for the participants using a rooster and a hen. There is no introduction offered for the Duck Hatching. 

Introductions are not allowed on Pick Up Days.

Coming soon a DVD with instructions and a presentation for all the teachers and children who weren’t available for the presentation or instructions.

Check out our calendar tab for dates available in your area. If you have an difficulties please call the office for more details.



Hatching Project Requirements

1.  Sturdy Table to house the incubator with eggs safely, with nearby outlet or extension cord, away from windows, direct sunlight, air conditioning, or heater. .

2.  15 minutes with audience for short presentation..

3.  Incubator will need cleaning with mild soap and water immediately after hatch is finished.

Instructional Documents

Bunny and Cavy Pups Projects

Bunny Kindling: An in home program where a new momma bunny and her kits come to stay with you for 30 days. We supply you with the home, food, feed and water containers, bedding and instructions. All you have to do is love them and watch them grow!

Cavy Pups Program: A pregnant guinea pig will come to your facility just around show time and you can experience the miracle of birth. But only if your lucky as they usually wait till no one is around. Cavy Pups "hit the ground running" which means they are fully clothed and running around after they born. Watch them run and squeek for 30 days. We supply you with everything you need: home, bedding, water and food containers and food. All you have to supply is some vitamin C. Carrots, lettuce and other such delicious treats. 


Chick hatching is available from Jan-Oct.

Duck Hatching is available from June-Oct.

Bunny and Cavies are available all year, just need to book a month in advance.

We service NY, NJ, DE, MD and PA. In select areas.

 Prices and dates vary depending on what county you are located in., but feel free to check our calendar for dates in your area. Please call or email the office to schedule. 

Note: Dates on calendar are updated weekly, some dates may be full, please check with office.

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