Olive Oil Press

Olive Oil Press

This is a great addition to Chanukah or the Mediterranean studies, available all year! We bring and press olives to extract the oil. We also bring animals that like to eat olives for you to pet. Also, a variety of oils and olives, for you to taste. Fascinating to all ages!



Project Requirements

  1. Need 2 small tables or one large table for display and activities
  2. Indoor or outdoor program Weather Permitting.
  3. There will need to be room for a small pen to be setup for a medium sized goat or sheep.
  4.  Will also have some type of dove or pigeon.
  5. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with some of the activities.

Instructional Documents

  1. Not Available

Activity Documents


Olive Oil Press is available all year long, but particularly the end of July through December.

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