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Peg and her daughter Bekah the foudners of Quiver Farm Projects

Quiver Farm Projects started in 1990 with Peg Hailey. She knew city children and even suburban children didnt have access to the farm life. She wanted to do something to keep the hands on learning alive. After reading many books, talking with other experts she decided to do something with her own little farm.

She created the first program, The Chick Hatching.

Almost immediatly her daughter Rebekah joined her and together they have created a buisness that has lasted more then 30 years. 

In the beginning it was just them going out and doing deliveries and booking people. 

Rebekah would often bring her children with her on deliveries. Of course, as we all know kids grow up and eventually they were doing deliveries themselves.

Her eldest boys have moved on however, one being a buisness owner himself with the help of his wife. The other son recently retired from the Air Force but his wife works in the office. Her eldest daughter is Emilie,  is the office manager now. Becky's daughter Hailey helps in the office as well but livesin Ohio with her retired Marine husband and Samantha is at home learning the office and farm ways.

We do hire outside of family now that we are bigger, but soon everyone becomes like family. 

Our family farm has been blessed beyond measure and we pray for many more years of doing what we love.

Thank you for stopping by and please let us know if you have any questions.

Quiver Farm Projects during a double rainbow
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