Hatching At Home still available but you need to contact the office to sign up, no more sign up genius!


Bunny families are slower in the winter, jump on the waiting list for a rental of a young bunny while you wait!


Young guinea pigs available for rental as well!

Got to "At Home" for bunny or guinea pig sign up.

Email office@quiverfarm.com for questions or to sign up.

Whats New?Pt 1

Everything We Cocka-doodle-doo!

From school to home and back to the farm, we have it all here at Quiver Farm Projects.

Hatch eggs, feed and pet the farm animals you love, learn about history, science, and agriculture. 

Let us help you celebrate the holidays and maybe even take some of the stress out of it.

Whatever you choose to do with us, will definitely be remembered and cherished.

Red Barn

Whats New? Pt 2

We are still delivering and we can accomodate all Covid restrictions.

Contactless delivery

Zoom with a farmer

Live Hatching on video

USB drive videos for class.

Distance learning kit to take home, so the whole family can join in!

We miss you 

We hope you miss us.

Let us make 2021 better.

Why book with us?

There is no one better at making a variety of agriculture education both fun and convenient.

Have us come there, spend some time at the farm or bring the farm back home.

Whatever you choose will be an experience to remember.