With over fourteen programs to choose from, we are here for every season, holiday or occasion!

Great for daycares, preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, birthdays, celebrations, nursing homes and assisted living.

You are never too young and what we do never gets old!

Chick or Duck Hatch

We will supply you with the equipment and know-how, you make the memories.

We pre-select delivery dates for each county in five difference states. 

For dates in your area please go to our Hatching Delivery Dates.

Apple Cider Press

Learn to harvest apples, clean them and crush them into cider. Then enjoy some cider with animals that loves animals the most. 

Doesn't get much better then good food, good drink and cute animals!

Meant for September-December

Spinning Wheel

How do you harvest wool and turn it into yarn? We can show you, teach you and then you can do it! 

While you learn, meet the animals that provide this product.

Meant for June-September

12 Days of Christmas

Have a Christmas caroler come and sing you the classic song with costumes and birds that represent the days of the song.

So much fun, best way to kick off the Merry season!

Meant for December

Traveling Farm

Have the farm come to you!

Our farmer will come set up a little farm right in front of you.

Available March-November

Includes: alpaca, calf, sheep, goat, pig, turkey, 3 ducks, a goose, 4 chickens, 4 rabbits, 6 baby fowl and 2 guinea pigs. 

Pilgrim Project

This holiday enjoy the story of the first Thanksgiving told by a pilgrim!

They'll have touch and feel items, activities and of course a turkey for petting and some really great photos.

Meant for November

Milking Whey

Which milk is best?

What can you make from milk?

These questions and more can be answered in our newly revised Milking Whey program.

Meant for April-August

Angel Song

Our Angel will come out and tell you the story of the first Christmas, Christ's Birth.

They'll bring their own costumes so you can be apart of the show as well.

You'll get to see and pet a donkey, sheep and alapca.

December Only

Bunny or Guinea Pig Project

Learn responsibility, animal care, life cycles and of course raise beautiful babies.

We will supply you with the pen, food, equipment and bedding. 

It will be the most unforgetable three weeks.

Available all year.

Olive Oil Press

Olives are tasty. The oil is great for your hair and used in the kitchen.

These things you probably know.

But do you how to make it?

Or the difference between oils?

We can tell you and we will make it more fun and a better memory then looking it up.

Meant for December

Bee Keeping

Bees make honey, but they do so much more.

Bee keepers take care of bees, but how do they do that? 

Try some honey, work the equipment and see live bees up close.

Meant for June-September

Live Nativity

Are you having a Live Nativity this year and wanting to spice it up?

Let our Shepherd or Wiseman come with all the animals you need to make this the most memorable Chritmas for your event!

December Only

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